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27 days ago
Anomalies are irregularities from the norm, signaling major changes or issues.  In banking risk management and fraud analytics, anomalies pinpoint fraudulent events, enhancing security and compliance.  As an engineer in IoT analytics, anomalies indicate issues like broken…
About 2 months ago
@Dieter Steinmann For half the money you pay, you can have the cake and eat it using Alteryx or DATAIKU with KNIME it's 1/3 of the money you pay...
About 2 months ago
@Ariful Mondal They have a bundle called SAS Analytics for IoT and it's unlimited number of users for 100K USD... best bang for the bucks... And it includes %90 of all SAS capabilities, including BI, Automl, forecasting, optimization, decisioning...
About 2 months ago
@Tanin U best priced tool is Visual Analytics, 900 USD per user per year...
About 2 months ago
@Adbul Samad Gabru I agree SAS is extremely expensive for no reason... Every year a new open source feature comes either in parallel processing or drag and drop (nocode modelling) or NLQ natural language querying... So there are many free or cheap alternatives are popping…
2 months ago
8 months ago
Of those three you should consider alteryx, it saves time in ETL a lot,  Alteryx is better at handling large data sets tan Knime and RapidMiner. But please also consider Dataiku... Up to 3 users it's free ;o)
8 months ago
Adobe Commerce: SAP Commerce: Salesforce Commerce: Platform Architecture: Open-source with a robust ecosystem. Java-based solution. Cloud-native platform. Highly customizable and flexible. Modular architecture allowing for…
8 months ago
Alteryx is much easier to install, learn, build with R and Python capabilities... Plus can handle big data... SPSS is legacy.
Over 4 years ago
Almost 7 years ago
Almost 7 years ago
Best part of the tool is in-db agreed... I wish in-database tool had three output nodes as well.
Almost 7 years ago
Agreed that there is room for improvement in Visualization...
Almost 7 years ago
great review... just after using the tool I've figured out as well the need for a local partner, local training, consulting and founded an Alteryx based analytics consulting firm myself...


Almost 7 years ago
Modeled an optimization algorithm for risk mitigation which
Modeled an optimization algorithm for risk mitigation which earned the bank 30 mio USD capital immediately...
Over 6 years ago
Redesigning a branch network using location optimisation
Location optimisation for redisigning branch network based on GIS data and existing customer base
Over 6 years ago
Data Quality Assessment and Scoring
Data Quality Assessment and Scoring
10 months ago
Ulusal factoring Cheque Risk Scoring
Modeled cheque risk default prediction and deployed it in near-real-time at a factoring firm.

About me

​I'm holding a MSc. in Industrial Engineering (METU/ODTU) and a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering (YTU) with experiences as credit risk manager (GARANTIBBVA), management consultant (MAVEN PARTNERS), analytics business development manager (EXPERIAN), Analytics entrepreneur, CDO (ALTDATA), Head of Presales (SAS TURKEY) Innovation Leader (SAS META), Solutions Consultant and Innovation Leader (AKINON)...

My expertise lies in applying BI (business intelligence) to AI (Artificial Intelligence & decisioning) in many diverse industries. Capabilities included are; data prep (ETL), Data quality (DQ), data governance, statistical analysis, prediction, forecasting using Alteryx, Knime, Dataiku, SAS, optimization (LP, IP, MILP), regulatory compliance (BASEL/CRD), enterprise risk implementation & validation (IBM)

I have strong communication skills and sound knowledge doing analytics for;
Banking Risk & lending, mobile networks, IT process mining, Non-bank finance, Discreet and process manufacturing, FMCG, Retail.

Seeking data analytics, knowledge discovery, management consulting positions in a multinational corporation.

Quantitative analysis, modeling, optimization & simulation background
MS Powerpoint, Excel, Access,Word, Project with Visual Basic coding,
QPT, Presi, Mentimeter
@Risk, Risk Solver, Optimizer, WPS
SAS Base/E-Guide/Viya, SPSS Clementine/Statistics/Modeler, Alteryx, Knime, Dataiku
PL/SQL, SQL, NoSQL, R, Python
Lindo/Lingo, Siman, XML, HTML