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Almost 2 years ago
Almost 2 years ago
@Evgeny Belenky  SE Labs also did a report It is a deep-learning based product - a neural network trained on billions of malware samples and normal documents. The weightings are transferred to an agent (d-brain) that is installed on the…
Almost 2 years ago
@Evgeny Belenky  It's actually >99% of zero-day threats. We and others have tried to get even malware we have written ourselves past it and cannot. Unit 221B, an incident response company, tested it independently, as did SE Labs…
Almost 2 years ago
I deploy and would recommend Deep Instinct. It has a 99%+ detection rate, even on zero days and documents like Word, Excel and PDF, automatically stops malware activation within milliseconds and has a <0.1% false-positive rate.  In the USA it is backed by a $3M warranty from…
About 2 years ago
About 2 years ago
Contributed a review of Okta Workforce Identity: Reasonably priced, easy to use, and simple to set up
Over 2 years ago
A good WAF secures not just your websites and cloud applications but will protect against bots and protect containers, databases, VMs and APIs too. It will have a low rate of false positives, which is becoming critical as the volume of attacks increase. If you are a small…


Over 3 years ago
Managed a MFA/IAM project and SSO integration for
Managed a MFA/IAM project and SSO integration for a global software company

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