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9 months ago
So many questions but just the basic ones... If you actually need such a broad product set as provided by BO with the more corporate like features such as security, scheduling, bursting, fail-over, supporting large volumes of users and data etc then the alternatives ala…
11 months ago
In my experience, I've found Gartner to be of little value in the BI sphere. I believe this is partly due to the very fractured nature of BI offerings and trends with a surprisingly wide range of functionality. It's hard to come up with groups of products/vendors to compare…
Over 1 year ago
If doing a technical comparison, Lumira (SAP's visual tool) isn't bad but the market share in this space is going to Tableau and Qlik both of which are strong in the visual side of BI. Most Business Objects sites do the bulk of their reporting using Web Intelligence, which…
Over 2 years ago
You appear to have a review that is so wrong on so many points it's weird. I will point out a number of errors to make my point "Its reliance upon the infamous RBAR or "row by agonizing row" cursor operations" which is COMPLETELY untrue. Have worked with the product…
Over 2 years ago
Look for any reporting product that can do pixel level reporting. There are a number and a lot depends on the other features you might want such as does it need to come from a database product or driven out of an application via an API. The easiest to use are generally those…
Over 2 years ago
Contributed a review of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform: Good reporting and promotes a common view of information across the organisation
Over 2 years ago
I suggest you provide more information. For instance, do you expect significant data volumes ( > 100 million records), numbers of users, are you expecting to build some sort of data warehouse or are you more interested in reporting across existing applications, is it an…


Over 2 years ago
Replaced Entire Enterprise Data warehouse for a Telco
Replaced Entire Enterprise Data warehouse for a Telco

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