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Contributed a review of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): Absolutely rock solid performance, security, stability and reliability.
About 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Micro Focus ALM Quality Center: Being able to quickly and easily compile executables on Multiple Platforms.


About 5 years ago
Created a development / Test environment
Created a development / Test environment for a project I am working on in my own time
About 5 years ago
HP UX to RHEL migration
HP UX to RHEL migration



About me

An innovative, outcome focused and technology leader with more than 20 years’ experience of partnering with business leadership teams to deliver organizations' strategic objectives.

Driven by creating strong networks, engaged relationships and positive culture through understanding core business needs and collaborative design principles. I introduce best ideas and buy in for solutions with the best commercial outcome, enhancing organizational brand and reputation.

Combines expertise in inventive IT architecture, software development and project management which has resulted in proven success of high quality solutions.

Strategic Vision; Future focused considering anticipated disruptive forces which may affect business including technological, societal, political and cultural changes; Maps this information to short and long term strategies for future technological direction for business to prosper.

Innovation IT and problem solving; Expert knowledge across all aspects of IT with a lateral approach to creating inventive solutions which gives the organization an edge

Leadership; Leads by example, supports team to grow though empowerment, development and coaching to create high performance teams; Brings the team on the journey.

Business Acumen; Develops strong understanding of core business drivers to ensure IT solutions are commercially viable and in alignment with overall business strategy.

Key stakeholder engagement; Builds strong trusted relationships through listening and understanding differing perspectives each stakeholder brings supported by accountable follow up

Execution of business imperatives; From clarity of business imperatives builds, communicates and executes realistic, timely and budgeted solutions across business.

Risk management and compliance; Manages all aspects of risk in line with regulatory moderated standards including contingency planning and resolving incidents if they arise.

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