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There are several differences. Too many to list here. I have included a resource. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E39885_01/doc.40/e18460/oracle_db2_compared.htm#RPTID114



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Experienced business intelligence specialist driving/leading strategy discussions with technical and non technical project stakeholders. Facilitating discussions around technology decisions on several projects. Proven success in large scale enterprise data migration efforts. Proven leadership managing work of offshore development teams in a fast paced and high visibility environment. Significant experience managing windows and linux based infrastructure. Hands on development experience in Java, Python, and Javascript. As Technology lead, regarded as an SME in modern application technologies and CI/CD (git, jenkins). Skilled in the use of Docker to support efficient development practices. Client facing experience in a consulting environment. Skilled at a variety of ETL and data integration, business intelligence, and data visualization products (Tableau, Pentaho, Microsoft).