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Based on the evaluation from the following requirement and assumptions on functionality and budget Purchasing Management Financials and Accounting Budgeting Analytics and Reporting Billing Invoice management and generation Schedule management Payroll Forecasting Contract…
Almost 9 years ago
1. Workflow management 2. Business Process management and 3. Integration with Web Content management.
Almost 9 years ago
Hi Yonatan Before recommending any CRM, I would like to know certain details about your business 1. Business process. 2. What functionalities do you need other than integration of Office 365. 3. How much is your budget. Also, please have a look at this…

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After discontinuing my studies in engineering college, I pursued my graduation in Commerce with Computer Applications. I stayed in a very remote area/village for three years while my graduation and worked as a teacher and management head at my uncle's school, and that is when I found the reality of the life and learned greater things, then I came to Bangalore and completed my MBA in Information Systems, this is where I learned to understand my interest of work and chose- IT Management.
I believe there is still lot to learn and lot to achieve in this life.