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7 months ago
Contributed a review of Cisco Ethernet Switches: Supremely reliable but would benefit from bulk fixing and patching.
Almost 3 years ago
Over 4 years ago
Since you are going for a web security. Zscalar web security solution will be my recommendation considering its robust features and vast threat intelligence base. It is best you go for the cloud solution since you are working across sites.
Over 4 years ago
Palo Alto firewalls are great with the Application control features being very impressive. 8.5 rating. It is very effective and accrues Low TCO for the User. Design and Installation is usually the main issue but with proper specifications, the administration will be…


Almost 6 years ago
Managed to migration from Traditional Firewall to Next
Managed to migration from Traditional Firewall to Next generation firewall with almost no minute down time

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