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Melissa Data Quality Room for Improvement

GaryM - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Architect at World Vision

- Licensing could be greatly simplified. As soon as a license expires (which is specific to each server) the product stops functioning without prior notice and requires a new license by contacting the vendor. To update the license key you have to actually go into an SSIS dataflow and create an SSIS package on each server to update the license.   

- The tool needs to provide resizable forms/windows like all other SSIS windows. Vendor claims its an SSIS limitation but that isn't true since all SSIS components are resizable. This is just an annoyance but needless impact on productivity when developing new data flows.

- The tool needs to provide for incremental matching using the MatchUp for SSIS tool (they provide this for other solutions such as standalone tool and MatchUp web service). We had to code our own incremental logic to work around this.

- Tool needs ability to sort mapped columns in the GUI when using advanced survivorship (only allowed when not using column-level survivorship).

- It should provide an option for a procedural language (such as C# or VB) for survivor-ship expressions rather than relying on SSIS expression language.

- It should provide a more sophisticated ability to concatenate groups of data fields into common blocks of data for advanced survivor-ship prioritization (we do most of this in SQL prior to feeding the data to the tool).

- It should provide the ability to only do survivor-ship with no matching (matching is currently required when running data through the tool).

- Tool should provide a component similar to BDD to enable the ability to split into multiple thread matches based on data partitions for matching and survivor-ship rather than requiring custom coding a parallel capable solution.  We broke down customer data by first letter of last name into ranges of last names so we could run parallel data flows.

- Documentation needs to be provided that is specific to MatchUp for SSIS.  Most of their wiki pages were written for the web service API MatchUp Object rather than the SSIS component.

- They need to update their wiki site documentation as much of it is not kept current. Its also very very basic offering very little in terms of guidelines. For example, the tool is single-threaded so getting great performance requires running multiple parallel data flows or BDD in a data flow which you can figure out on your own but many SSIS practitioners aren't familiar with those techniques.

- The tool can hang or crash on rare occasions for unknown reason. Restarting the package resolves the problem. I suspect they have something to do with running on VM (vendor doesn't recommend running on VM) but have no evidence to support it.  When it crashes it creates dump file with just vague message saying the executable stopped running.

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