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Linode Valuable Features

Julio Graham - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director at Olive Professional Services Ltd

The ability to fire up a virtual machine, use it, and then kill it, is quite a valuable feature for me. They have a lot of startup scripts, I think they are called stack scripts, whereby you can install something at a click of a button. For instance, you can install a whole server at the click of a button. Linode gives the users a lot of control.

Another thing that I use quite a lot is their documentation. They have documentation on how to perform tasks and often, I use that to educate a client on how to do something or on how to maintain something, et cetera. This is because a lot of customers are used to simpler systems like an iPhone, where if you want an app then you just download it from a store, press a button and it installs, or press a button and it updates.

The truth of the matter is that with servers and things like that, whilst people like the push button idea, it's a lot more complex than that. With these stack scripts, the people at Linode have thought about all of the things that a new user would not think about. They do all of that stuff and then walk you through it, and that's where Linode's documentation is really good. They walk you through what you have to do to secure a server, what you have to do to run a patch, or whatever.

They've got all those sorts of knowledge bases of information, which I think is invaluable, especially for clients who are uneducated in these things.

It's extremely important to me that Linode offers worldwide coverage via multiple data centers, for various reasons. One is that because we live in this global world, our customers are everywhere. Secondly, for people who need geo-redundancy, with for example a server in China and one elsewhere as a backup, it's great.

It's also nice because if they were just US-based, I wouldn't be able to use them because I would need to go through a whole process of trying to certify the data integrity in other regions. I'm sure that most people wouldn't bother with this because of all of the EU laws and the UK laws around data privacy.

The US's data privacy laws are far more relaxed than what they are on my side of the world. The fact that I can have a server in London means that I don't have to bother with all of that. My physical location of that server is in London and to me, it is really important.

When you compare Amazon, they claim to have infrastructure all over the place but I think that the bulk is centered in Germany. Even if it is in a few different places, everything gets backed up to the US, which is a problem for a lot of people.

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Allister MacLeod - PeerSpot reviewer
DevOps Engineer at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable feature is the static IP address, which has been very helpful for being able to log into the same address over the course of more than a decade.

Another useful feature is being able to have multiple system images that I can play with. I mostly use Ubuntu Linux, but if I want to play with a new version of Ubuntu, I can pretty easily add that. It's been super useful to upgrade my system over the years.

I just recently started using the Object Storage and Backup features, as well. Having good backups for peace of mind and disaster recovery is very nice as well.

Object Storage has been key, for me. I don't have a strong notion of exactly when Linode introduced Object Storage, but it's been very useful for me, for instance, in backing up my Git server, in addition to the whole node backup. The fact that I can interact from the command line with the Linode Object service to back up specific datasets, is super cool. I know they didn't have it when I first started using Linode and I think it's been introduced fairly recently, within the last couple of years.

The Linode documentation is superb. 

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Jacques Gelinas - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice President Technologies at Croesus

I am a long-time believer in the Linux operating system and have been using it for approximately 28 years, and the fact that Linode provides me with Linux Nodes is something that I like. Linode got its name from "Linux Node".

They have a very nice web interface to allow you to manage and reorganize your server.

Having data centers in different regions is good for latency. They have a presence in Japan, Europe, the US, and Toronto, Canada. If I install a server in Europe and people from that area are using it then it will be faster for them. There is a visible difference between my servers, where one of them is in New York and another is in California. It's basically a continent away, but I see a difference. There is great value in the fact that I can have European users served by a European server.

They have a lot of features that I am not yet using, but I will have to use them at some point. For example, it's possible to create a server and keep that as a standard image. Later, when you create a server, instead of selecting one of their pre-configured images, you select your own.  This means that you can deploy more servers quickly. If at some point my project grows, and I expect to deploy many servers per week, I will need to use this feature.

Also, my understanding is that they have a full set of APIs, so I can interact with them by using programs. I've not used that, but I intend to check it at some point. With only three servers, this is a non-issue, but if I grow to 100 or 200 servers, at some point, I'll need some way to automate my interaction with Linode.

The network connectivity is very good. With the entry-level service that I am using, I am getting one terabyte of data transfer per month. This means that with three servers, I have three terabytes of aggregate, which leaves me a lot of room to grow.

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Founder /CEO at Entropy Studios

The most valuable feature is that they are flexible and easy to get a hold of if I need something. For example, if I need to provision a server quickly, or if I need to change something, or if I for some reason need to do something that's outside of my plan that I pay for, I can contact them quickly and always get a hold of someone and always get a solution for it. I don't know if this is typical or if it's just based on having been a customer for a reasonably long time, but that's the main reason that I stick with them. It can be summed up by saying that they provide a much better level of service than a larger company like Amazon. I use Amazon as well, but it's a different experience.

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Dalton Pearson - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Systems Engineer at HMB Development

I like it because it gives me scalability but, that's true of Kubernetes in general. But I do really like that it is consistent with all the stuff that I regularly do in my day job with Azure, using Kubernetes. It's nice that I can easily transfer that over to Linode using their Kubernetes.

Linode Kubernetes Engine is pretty great when it comes to the amount of Terraforming and manual integrations. Kubernetes does a great job of staying running and looking after itself. I find with VPSs that, every once in a while, something will go down and I will have to restart it manually. With Kubernetes, that tends to happen a lot less. I also find maintenance to be a lot easier.

When it comes to the Linode Kubernetes Engine and the amount of automation it provides, it's awesome, it's a game-changer. If a process randomly dies, it could take me a while to notice that it has died, if I haven't set up monitoring. With Kubernetes, it will just restart itself using Heartbeats.

In addition, the visibility that the Linode Kubernetes Engine provides is awesome. It's better than some of the other cloud providers', such as  Azure which is one I work with specifically. I find the Linode version to be a lot more user-friendly. It feels like the Linode interface is designed by someone who actually uses the product, whereas with Azure, it doesn't necessarily feel like that. It feels like some things are user-hostile.

Another feature that is quite helpful for setting up servers is the StackScripts. I've used it to set up game servers, previously. They have a library of instantiation scripts that will set up an environment for you on a VPS, from scratch, with one click. There's a pretty large library too, so that's quite handy.

And the fact that Linode offers a relatively small, but well-focused set of cloud computing services is the reason to go with Linode. What they do, they do well, and they're slowly adding stuff. They were a little bit late to the game on Kubernetes, but their Kubernetes is incredibly solid, in my experience so far. It feels very stable and well thought out.

It's also important that Linode offers worldwide coverage via multiple data centers. I'm based around Toronto and they have a data center right in Toronto. It works very well for me. With other solutions, I often have to pick data centers in Chicago or the like.

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Andy Heathershaw - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Developer at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

The fact that you can do any Linux distribution is great. You can try out any Linux distribution, even some of the more obscure ones, and they are always keeping them up-to-date. As soon as a new distribution comes out, it is on the platform pretty much the same day, which I find really helpful.

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Managing Director & Lead Software Developer at BASX Software Development

The DNS management tool is helpful. 

The virtual machine configuration tool is very helpful for setting up a new server or for modifying an existing server. It works very reliably.

It is very important that Linode offers a well-focused set of cloud computing services. They have a lot of options for different products which work well together. I saw the extended steps that products provide in the past, but I don't see a need to expand it anymore. I think it's perfect as it is right now.

I find it important that they offer worldwide coverage using multiple data centers, but from my point of view, they already have very good coverage. For example, here in Thailand, which is in the Asia region, it could cover Singapore, Japan, and also a little bit of Europe. It's important because we deal with a lot of international clients, but there is no need to extend these exhaustively. They are very well set up already.

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Enver Altin - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder at Atmosphere

The cloud management panel is nice.

It's very easy to create new servers.

The VPS and DNS servers work smoothly and we're happy with what we have.

It is important that Linode offers worldwide coverage through multiple data centers, although for us, if they covered only Europe and the U.S., we would be fine with it.

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Maxi Cooper - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder at Menze

The simplicity by which you can handle your inventory is one of the things I like the most. You can easily create new hosts, destroy existing hosts, or do migrations.

I like the statistics that they provide, such as usage.

They have a good solution for accessing the servers if you accidentally get locked out.

The support they provide if you have any type of problem is great.

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Rudolph Pereira - PeerSpot reviewer
Team Lead at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I like how if you are an older developer and have some development experience, then it is very easy to get to the foundation, which is cool. Then, you have complete freedom to configure it the way you want. Also, Linode is fast.

It is very focused and doesn't have a lot of features. For example, it doesn't have the complete DevOps pipeline. You can configure it directly using UIs, configuring the entire pipeline and even your project management, which is what we get in something like Azure. It is good to have that focused approach. 

For small businesses and people who have some technical skills and are good with Linux command line, this solution is great. I love Linode because it is very fast. Whereas, the same configuration on Azure and AWS will be so slow. The best thing is that their pricing and speed are great.

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Director at Picosoft

Given our business model, it is very important that Linode offers a focused set of cloud computing services because it means that we can then mirror our software in the cloud. When we do want to do things like developing web service interfaces then the environment is available. We chose SUSE Linux but we could have chosen Fedora. They offer quite a number of Linux solutions.

Initially and at this point, the fact that Linode offers worldwide coverage via multiple data centers is not important to us. However, our software is becoming obsolete and when they finally stop using it, we'll offer an archive, online inquiry for them. At that point, it will be an important feature.

We have accessed it using SSH on a number of different platforms and it works every time.

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CTO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable and important thing is that it is a hosting platform where I can configure and deploy virtual machines on-the-fly. 

It is also important that Linode offers worldwide coverage via multiple data centers. The ability to deploy on multiple servers, worldwide, allows us to have distributed services and failover and redundancy. We added some features to our platform that leveraged that and helped us do it in a distributed manner.

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Ken Biggs - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Lone Star Technologies

What we find most valuable about Linode is its service. The fact that you can get a person on the phone has just been fantastic. I've gotten to where I just won't use a company that doesn't provide somebody on the phone. There are some issues, especially when you're dealing with something as timely as an issue with a server, where communicating in any other fashion is just not adequate. You need to get somebody on the phone when you have a down issue, and they're very good. You don't necessarily always get the person that knows the most about the issue when you first call in, but they're pretty good about getting it to somebody who can help you.

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Software Engineer with self employed

I very much like the support that you get, and I think that it's excellent.

I like that the virtual servers are kept up-to-date and they apply security patches immediately. They're very forthcoming when they need to tell you that there's going to be some downtime.

The fact that they offer a small set of computing services is very important for me because I don't want anything extended. I only require basic Linux facilities, and nothing else.

Having worldwide coverage is quite important because they've got their American datacenter, but they also have a good datacenter in London. This is the one that I use because it's more local, and I prefer to have a local server than to have to use an American one. It's well resourced, and they have a lot of computing power there. Also, I've had no problems with it.

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Ken Morse - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Partner at Ilium Software

The number one thing we like about Linode isn't necessarily a service, it's their support. We've found their support to be absolutely fantastic. They've been so outstanding with their support. Every single time we call them and we ask for advice or help, they go above and beyond and it's really made us appreciate what they do.

Linode offers a relatively small but well-focused set of cloud computing services. We've never been able to stump support with a question. My experience has been that they're very knowledgeable on the systems they run. When we call and ask for advice on configuring something or setting something up, even though that's not part of their mission, they still are always very helpful and get us up and running.

It is important to us that they also offer worldwide coverage via multiple data centers. Having multiple data centers not only gives them coverage for backing up data across the world so we know that our data is not necessarily just in one place but it can be backed up in several locations. In addition, as so many companies now are international, we can get better performance in different parts of the world by having data centers spread around.

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Founder and Developer at Little Bird Tales

The most valuable feature is the domain settings page.

The documentation is good.

I like the overall simplicity of their interfaces and their website. Everything worked as I expected and it's easier than I thought to get started with.

The stability and customer support have been very reliable.

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Hussnain Sheikh - PeerSpot reviewer
Freelancer at SheikhLogix

The creation of instances is very good, as is their interface which is not complex and is easy to use. With the dashboard, it is easy to create a new instance and add your favorite things. You can add Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS, or any flavor of the operating system. You can select the RAM for your instance as well.

The fact that Linode offers a small but well-focused set of cloud computing services is very important for me and for my clients. I have referred three or four clients to Linode and they are still using Linode to host their websites.

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reviewer1511274 - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Director at HMW Computing

The most valuable features are the simple scalability and ease of starting a new virtual machine. Before we kept a backup, we did damage to an existing installation. We created a new machine and had the basic services back up within a short time. Now, we keep a powered-down server as a hot backup, although this does mean that we occasionally have to power it up for updates. We are looking at means of simplifying this task.

The procedures to upgrade between Linux versions are reasonably simple, but those could be a result of using Ubuntu rather than being specific to Linode.

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KrishnaKumar - PeerSpot reviewer
Associate VP Projects at ACS Technologies Ltd.

Service availability is the most valuable feature. It gives every user 100 percent uptime.

It is like in a single store for cloud solutions, which is important for us.

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CTO at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The most valuable aspects of Linode are the virtual server and the clean server. I install what I need on it.

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