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Dialogue Valuable Features

eCommerce Expert with self employed

It is fully automated and has low engagement from our side. Everything is done by the AI on their side. We just install it and get the monthly report. We have been very happy with the results, as we don't need to do anything on our end. In eCommerce, you need to deal with so many different small tasks. Everything that you have fully automated, which doesn't require you to look and analyze it too much, that is best. If you can just go in once or twice a month, then that is a beneficial feature, as you don't need to handle stuff.

The content is embedded into the page. It is a seamless recommendation and the customer doesn't know it comes from a different source. When I'm showing it to someone, I have to really point to it, and say, "This is the solution," because they think it is part of the platform.

The AI is perfect.

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Head Of Ecommerce at Brillianteers

We only use two features:

  1. The automatic product recommender on the product page.
  2. The dynamic banner on the category page. 

We use those two features and both of them seem to be working very well. We are simply measuring the increase in conversion rate by putting those two features on the website. By using the system, we can separate and see which one works better. Also by using our analytics, we can see which feature generates more engagement from customers, and both of them are working well.

Dialogue's personalization capabilities offer suggestions and recommendations specifically targeted to each shopper. The buyer's experience on our site is positive because we have over 4,000 products. While browsing through the website, Dialogue shows them the right product very quickly. This makes their life easier, therefore increasing their chances of purchasing.

The solution’s AI delivers the relevant messages at each step of the buyer’s journey in real time. It shows the customer the right product quickly, saving them time to browse the site and avoid looking at too many options. That is its biggest advantage. We want the customer to see the product of their choice as soon as possible while seeing as few as possible other products on the way. This is why Dialogue works well.

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