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Dialogue Room for Improvement

eCommerce Expert with self employed

Dialogue needs to find more ways to have people engage with it. When customers' engagement is increased, it's amazing. At the moment, only about 10 percent of the traffic engages with it. We need it to be higher. If we can have more people use it in their journey, that definitely would make the general conversion rate higher.

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Head Of Ecommerce at Brillianteers

Dialogue needs to have a dedicated Magento extension. This would have made our integration much easier. I'm assuming this is something that they will develop later on.

Some transparency to the actual results, meaning that it would be interesting to know that 50 percent of our customers look at product A, then product B, and this is why the system is now showing product A and B to multiple people. It would be interesting to learn things about the business from their plugin, because they collect the data, then that data is useful to make things better. Aside from their internal capabilities, by sharing information with us, we could make things better. This would be a good cycle between the two companies.

I wanted the ability to do an external A/B test through Google Analytics, but they have already implemented and added this important feature to the system.

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