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Over 3 years ago
You'll notice that HPE doesn't really talk that much about SimpliVity anymore. They also signed a global agreement in April to run AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) on HPE hardware for their hybrid cloud offering. Makes you wonder why they wouldn't use SimpliVity as the platform…
Over 3 years ago
You may want to look at the IBM FS9100 series. It's the next generation/evolution of the FS900. It supports NVMe (not just "NMVe ready") as well as IBM's own FlashCore technology (purpose-built solid state drive technology) and run IBM's Spectrum Virtualize software that…
Over 3 years ago
The main difference between the two solutions is the hypervisor. VxRail is effectively a vmWare appliance that's performance built to run vSAN and most of the other associated features. It's a solid hyperconverged system and is perfect for organizations that are already…
Over 3 years ago
Quite simply, VxRail is a vSAN appliance. It's a Dell based server node fully integrated with a pre-loaded VMware vSphere and vSAN software stack. Since it's integrated, the hardware is optimized to take full advantage of all the features and functions associated with…
Almost 4 years ago
The BIGGEST difference is that vSAN only runs on the ESX Hypervisor. Whereas Nutanix runs on multiple Hypervisors including ESX, Hyper-V and their own Acropolis Hyper Visor (AHV). The second main difference is the cost, as the Nutanix software boasts a much larger range of…
Over 4 years ago
I feel this is akin to a "Ford" vs "Chevy" debate; both are quality products but it depends on personal preference. Both Nimble and Pure have roughly the same performance characteristics, ease of use and installation and similar feature set. However, I recently…
Over 4 years ago
I know some really sharp people at Infinidat, many of whom are former XIVers. I've read the technical briefs and I think the technology is solid. And of course, there's no doubting the brilliance of Moshe Yanai. But here's the thing; I don't know any Infinidat…
Over 4 years ago
Scalability, flexibility and the overall cost/performance ratio.

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