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6 months ago
Sophos UTM is no longer being developed, according to our reseller. All the development effort is going into XG. So XG will be the only Sophos firewall going forward, UTM will eventually be end of life.
11 months ago
No, i've been working it IT for 20 years and never seen a fire in a server room (yet). However I have seen a flood when there was a particularly heavy rainstorm that flooded the car park and then made its way into the basement of the office block. The rain was so heavy it…
Over 1 year ago
"No, you need to update the firmware first." Sometimes it's difficult to get the right balance. I had a PowerEdge 950 that wouldn't boot, called Dell and they recommended replacing the motherboard. In the end I managed to do all the firmware, DRAC, BIOS and other updates…
Over 1 year ago
NAS: cheaper, slower to access, easier to manage SAN: more expensive, fast access, needs specialist management skillset. SAN is generally used when you need lots of storage close to computing power. NAS when you need storage shared by networked users.
Over 1 year ago
Question is, who will manage the devices? If you don't have a full-time staff member to look after your network, choose un-managed. You need someone with the skillset and time to look after managed switches.
Over 1 year ago
Answered a question: What is VDI?
Do you mean Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? If so, then it has no relation to flash storage. VDI can work on any storage. But it will be faster using flash storage.
About 2 years ago
My understanding is that UTM is the software; SG is the hardware. You can buy Sophos UTM running on SG hardware and then later upgrade to the XG running on the same hardware.
About 2 years ago
I've been told by our Sophos reseller that Sophos are pushing the XG as next generation firewall, and developing it to at least as good as UTM. So XG will be the firewall of choice moving forward. UTM will not be developed further, according to him.