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2 months ago
FortiGate is a very good firewall. It is made easy for the administrator and the additional features bring more richness to the solution.  The basic components are enough to defend almost all areas of malicious activity. If you believe in security-driven networking then…
5 months ago
The pricing is based on utilization i.e. the number of IP addresses you use. The bigger a network you have the more you will pay.  Darktrace needs to revisit the pricing in order to differentiate pricing for small businesses and bigger companies. The pricing is expected to…
8 months ago
Hi. Fortigate is a NGFW that is compatible with Azure. It also comes with MFA and SSO.
10 months ago
Fortigate works well. it has ipsec vpn as well as ssl vpn which can be integrated with your AD for SSO. Only need to install and configure forticlient on the user pc. Can also activate two factor authentication with fortitokens. Im using that now and im happy
About 1 year ago
Refrain from free products Delete products and traces of product after evaluation Always know what you want from the cybersecurity solution. Can identify illegal operations of the products if different from its stipulated functions. Work with recognised partners and…
Over 1 year ago
FortiAnalyzer can give good reports on enterprise wide traffic analysis.

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