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Contributed a review of Amazon SNS: Includes SMS notifications along with email-based ones
Over 6 years ago
Interesting. Snowflake has a fundamentally different architecture in that compute and storage are completely separated allowing you to scale each dynamically and independently This makes me to get into Snowflake, Almost I am using Snowflake last 8 months. Its awesome.
About 7 years ago
Hey My review is in My suggested solution is that, our redshift cluster should be online or up all the time. Better we can goahead some kind of reserved instances. But still…
About 7 years ago
@Orlee Gillis. Ofcourse. I accept your point, every product has plus and minus. But recently What I found in Amazon Redshift is that, They have some problem in IP Pooling. They are starting the cluster based on FIFS (First IN First Serve). So when the number of customer…
About 7 years ago
Hey Aju Mathew It was a nice review about Amazon Redshift. I am also using this for last 3 year. I would like to understand a bit in terms of pricing. I am using there instance based on $0.25/per node/per hour. So If I am using 100 node cluster I have bane 25$ per hour.…
Over 7 years ago
I mean we can configure Spark without Hadoop as well like using WinUtils.exe . Is that recommended for Deployment ? Or would like to understand difference between Spark Hadoop Environment and Spark Without Hadoop?
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Over 7 years ago
Geo Spatial Data Mapping and Analysis
Geo Spatial Data Mapping and Analysis
About 7 years ago
Sciera Engine (DMAPA) & Person360
Sciera Engine (DMAPA) & Person360
About 7 years ago
GPS Location Tracking & Movement Analysis
GPS Location Tracking & Movement Analysis is one of the best industrial solution of tracking high secure employees or vehicle movements. Especially high end product or documents transformation over the location, this solution might useful to track the movement and analysis…
About 7 years ago
Real Watch
Making large amounts of data digestible and usable for micro-targeting and competitive differentiation. Developed Sciera's SMART text engine Architecture. That has capacity to collect, manage and analyze Big data in an unprecedented scale enables companies implement winning…
About 7 years ago
Social Watch
Keeping track of all the conversations going on the world wide web. Crunching them through Sciera's text analytics engine yield insights that help companies manage their engagement with customers and prospects   Vertical Search Engine Predictive Analytics…
About 7 years ago
Medical Watch
MedicalWatch provides a “Big Data” solution to solve need for accurate, complete and timely information on medical professionals and institutions MedicalWatch utilizes advanced, proprietary data collection and analytics to create and maintain the most up-to-date database…

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I get that it’s hard to write a good Summary, but I also know what a difference it makes when someone has a good one. It’s easy to understand where they’re coming from, and the direction they believe their career to be headed. It’s nice to see what someone is about, what they want from connecting with others in business and what drives their ambition as a professional.

I am a Big Data Solution Architect . I always like to build and Implement Innovative Tools and Processes. I am good in Massive data processing with Scalable technologies. Have better experience in Cutting Edge Technology processes for High end Massive data Acquisition.

I’m passionate about leveraging data and insights to drive business results. I believe in the power of data-driven insights to transform what people believe and how they act. I love the challenge of both generating insights AND persuading people and organizations to act upon them. Ultimately, value is measured by the impact we create not the brilliance of our ideas.

Specialist in Massive Data Processing with EMR technologies. Can able to give good stuff in Non relational Data Storage MongoDB and Relational Data Storage MySQL , Amazon RedShift Cluster. Have programming knowledge of Java and Php for Data Processing, And have knowledge of Prediction Analysis and Insight & Behavioural Modelling, Sentimental Analysis, Social Media Scoring etc., Have knowledge and working experience on Hadoop Environment like MR, PigLatin (Grunt), HIVE, HBASE etc., Have better knowledge on AWS Services. Have implemented an architecture for unblock-able multi-threaded data scraping , aggregation and processing with AWS EC2, S3, SQS, EMR etc

Having much interest on White Hat-Hacking,Ethical Hacking,Security Loop hole Identification,Web-Api Breaking etc

Skills Expert:

Amazon Redshift
Amazon EC2
Amazon SQS
Amazon S3
Amazon EMR
Amazon ML
Prediction Modelling
Basic Spark
R Programming

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