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Over 1 year ago
You can choose any backup solution until it is secure and HA enabled with 0 downtimes give the best. As I see all the product lunch in the market has it's own USP and solution address to the client needs.
Almost 2 years ago
Good cloud Product and service offered by Microsoft.
Almost 2 years ago
Good and nice to use with ease and friendly GUI look.


Over 1 year ago
Backup and Recovery Software


Almost 2 years ago
Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS)

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I am not a big player in the field of entrepreneurship but trying to give my best, as walking toward the goal where there is a need of a good cooperative team who can understand and make dreams come true.

There is a saying which has plunged from my mind “Let’s join hand and make our dream come true with the help of technology and idea which give a good habitat for all.”