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When speaking SIEM it should be (probably) one of the last solutions that with you will reinforce your Cyber Security Defense. Remember SIEM is not EQUAL to secure. I don't think that a PoC is something that will help you with a purchase: All SIEM today are intelligent,…


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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

About me

With more than 5 years of experience I have the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in several areas: Routing, Switching, Firewalling, Network Security...
Possess excellent communications and collaboration skills to lead and work with diverse groups effectively.

Execution of project tasks successfully with respect of SLA.
Coordinate with third parties if necessary to guarantee project progress
Team management and tasks delegation.
Managed several project.
Project progress update, reporting and documentation.
Ability to multi-task and treat multiple subjects and products
Help customer in architecting and implementing Network and Security solutions.
Develop new customers, personal contacts, mailings, calls
Work closely with potential customers to determine their needs.
Realization of presentations and demonstrations for clients.
Work with Business Manager to respond to RFPs: choosing best products, pricing…
Technical and sales support to clarify and solve technical issues.
Develop partnerships- with partners like: MicroWorld Technologies Inc (eScan), Barracuda Networks…
Work with partners to validate best suitable products and solutions for customer, pricing…
Train customer team in several products.

Moving into new environments is a good challenge which need the use of existing experience
to quickly adapt to new technologies.

Learning continuously, acquire new skills is the key for success, but most important thing is behavior and attitude.