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Hi JD Thanks for the information.I think it would be great if we can implement the feature again with the current Helsinki version or may be next version.
Over 7 years ago
Thanks a lot Eileen
Over 7 years ago
Contributed a review of ServiceNow: Scheduling reports has decreased manual effort.
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Over 7 years ago
Answered a question: ServiceNow vs. ManageEngine
Well I haven't use Manage engine but I have been using Service Now for last 3 years.I would recommend Service Now since it can easily be integrated with monitoring tools like Nagios,BPPM,vROPS and other tools.It is easy to schedule different types of reports,CMDB can easily…
Over 8 years ago
End User Experience along with its operation time,slow operations and the application performance. For the web based applications,I think we should look the TCP and HTTP errors which are basic parameters. For SSL Based applications,it is TCP and SSL errors.

About me

Experience of 3.10+ years

Technology skills:Dynatrace(Connect Intelligence-BT),Aternity,Service Now, Autosys,EMC SAS,EMC Smarts,CA Workload Automation,SCOM(2007),HPOM,VCOPS,LANDESK,HP Performance Manager

Knowledge of Microsoft office 2007,TCP,IP Protocol,Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/7/8/8.1,Windows,Linux,DB Servers,Lync,RDP,Command prompt,SLA and Change Mgt,ITIL

• • Providing L1 & L1.5 support to Level 2 Infrastructure and Application Teams.
• Performing daily check on application, database and server health status.
• Performing patching activity on windows servers monthly-wise.
• Monitoring Windows/Unix Servers, Databases, Applications, SAP Jobs and Network Devices.
• Configuring Monitoring Dashboards in Connect Intelligence (Dynatrace product)
APM tool.
• Co-ordinating between tools and application teams to onboard C-set applications.
• Act as key role in CMDB update in Service-Now.
• Auditing severity 1 and severity 2 tickets monthly-wise.
• RCA of severity 1 and severity 2 incident tickets.
• Working on ageing incidents and finding the cause of the delay.
• Creating SOP’s of tools and process and helps in Continual service improvement process.
• Providing OJT to the joiners on the tool.
• Keeping track on the change incidents and working on supressing the alerts with
Tools team.
• Making monthly presentations on team performance and presenting to Leadership team.
• Discussing and innovating new ideas in improving process with Leadership team.
• Keeping track of SLA’s and OLA’s of own and support teams from Service Now and helping in reducing it.

• Escalating & identify any critical issues and raising and assigning the tickets to the concerned Team.
• Answering incoming calls from clients, processing emails and logging calls.
• Following procedures/checklists and updating support documentation.
• Working with windows servers & applications within a mixed OS environment.