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Packet loss, bandwidth monitoring, memory, CPU usage, nodes monitoring, packet capturing, reporting and alerts.

About me

Mark is a Computer Engineering graduate and has four (4) years of solid experience in Information Technology; mainly focusing on Network and IT infrastructure. He has gained expertise in troubleshooting and configuring Network devices like Juniper (Secure Access and Screen OS), Linksys / Cisco Switches and F5 Big IP Load Balancer configuration. He has good interpersonal skills, works under very minimal supervision yet carries out maximum results. Flexible, fast learner, proactive, good team player, competent and results oriented.

IT Management Experience - Summary

• Has hands-on experience on configuring and administering F5 Big IP System:
VLAN Config, Internet Circuit routing, service port traffic re-routing for load balance, iRULE, Secure Network Address Translation, Server Pool and Virtual Server Configuration.
• Has hands-on experience on configuring and administrating Juniper Screen OS:
Static Routing and Policy, Creating and adding Zone Interface, Backup Configuration, DHCP and Relay, SNMP, NTP, and NSRP.
• Has hands-on experience on configuring and administering CISCO Switch:
Base configuration, VLAN, VOICE VLAN, QOS, Port Trunking.
• Handled the responsibility to maintain the High-Availability, Maintenance and Backup Config of All infrastructure devices.
• Configured and Deploy Squid server using Centos Platform.
• Administering Winodws Server 2008 and 2012:
Domain Controller, GPO, File Server , DNS, DHCP, Print Server, RADIUS ,Microsoft Exchange 2013 Server and Hyper Visor Server.
• Administering Juniper SSLVPN:
Auth. Server, user roles , user realms, access control (such as: VPN Tunneling, DHCP Pool, Terminal Service, File Sharing, Bookmarks ) Firmware upgrade, and providing technical support.
• Has hands-on experience setting up Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series AP, Linksys LAPAC 1750 AP and RUCKUS Wireless.
• Administering Orion Server Solarwinds NPM
Setup Configuration / Node Management / Server Health Monitoring