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Probably not enough details to answer the question. One main advice is to focus on what JIRA can DO, instead of focusing on what it can NOT DO. There is a lot JIRA can not do, and I tend to see people focus on that, not very productive. Even with existing integrations…
Over 5 years ago
I don't want to oversimplify things but I am a 0 and 1 guy. Either you Splunk or you don't Splunk. Yes, Splunk has it's cost. Then again, if you try to go with a cheaper solution, OpenSource solution, or totally home grown, I can almost guarantee that the true cost will…
Almost 6 years ago
First, I agree with the comment that any solution is only as good as the people who use it. If you don't have the right people managing and using it, then it will be essentially useless. If you assign people with no interest in Splunk, to lead the effort, then you will…



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