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Almost 7 years ago
This thread sums up the essence of SharePoint for me. If you have a common process or use case in mind then it may need a lot of work to get what you want compared to existing products. If you have unique requirements or systems to interface with, then you are on the right…
Over 7 years ago
The only functionality I am aware of that needs IE is the server farm SSL security administration, which is a seldom touched highly administrative function; of course IE is the only browser that supports ActiveX so I maybe missing something. I would actually argue that there…
Over 7 years ago
Over 7 years ago
What features are you needing and what skills does the organisation have? Alfresco and SharePoint customisation are quite difference skill sets. In terms of cost, both have a free edition (Alfresco Community Edition & SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition), but only enterprise…

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