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Over 8 years ago
We are using Yammer and we're finding it to be very useful. Benefits range from quick real time updates of news/stories across the company network, the useful Colleague FOLLOW feature, the Yammer mobile app which helps to keep connected on the go, the real time chat…


About 7 years ago
CA Clarity PPM Upgrade From v13.0 To v14.2
CA Clarity PPM Upgrade from v13.0 to v14.2 --- The objective was to do the upgrade of Clarity PPM tool from the current version of v13.0 to the latest version of v14.2. The OS was windows and the backend was Oracle.

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Hi Guys, I am Georgy N Joseph from India. I am working as a Clarity PPM Technical Consultant for the last 6 years. Would love to learn and share many things here in this forum. Looking forward to it.

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