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Over 1 year ago
I think Panorama Consulting Group publishes some of their ERP shootouts comparing SAP/Oracle/Microsoft with Infor thrown in as a bonus.  Our firm is more of a boutique operation that compares internal company requirements then picks software known for its propensity to work…
Over 1 year ago
So, operating with a segment of our client base, mostly commercial stage startups where the staff comes from larger, national firms, we often get a directive: We want new infrastructure software and it can be anything as long as it's not Tier One (SAP/Oracle and similar). I…
Over 1 year ago
So Demand Management needs to really understand the product - demand for milk with POS data from the grocery retail level is vastly different than trying to determine what color jogging shorts will sell in what part of the country. Of course if Covid has taught us nothing…
Almost 2 years ago
So ERP is transactional software. A Purchase Order(PO) is issued, a widget is sold on a Sales Order(SO), incoming raw materials are received - each transaction is recorded at the point of activity, purchasing issues the PO, Sales enters the SO, the receiving dock scans in…
About 2 years ago
I'm no expert on the platforms, Ellucina or Jenzabar CXsmall. I'm also not really familiar with degree auditing, what type of database management or which databases you wish to integrate. My expertise is more surrounding the software evaluation process itself than any…
Almost 4 years ago
We're seeing a lot of AX clients bring on Host Analytics, Adaptive Insights or more recently, Anaplan for advanced reporting, closing and reconciliation, FP&A and the like. We're also seeing traction from Workiva for SEC reporting - in the past I was used to seeing clients…
Almost 4 years ago
I had some clients go through the same issue - the AX manufacturing is generally good and we have some pharma mfgs doing process manufacturing and others doing discreet mfg - but AX is a LOT of work to configure and it takes a lot of consulting dollars. So the issue is…
About 4 years ago
Contributed a review of NetSuite OneWorld: ERP for the pharma industry
Over 4 years ago
Answered a question: SAP S/4 HANA vs Infor Lawson M3
I can only base this on selections done a couple of years ago and I may be off by a version or two. SAP tends to have more functionality and lends itself to modification and customization for large companies. M3 is really good technology and where it works, offers a price…
Over 4 years ago
Over 4 years ago
About 5 years ago
Our practice is to start with extensive business requirements leading to a Cost/Revenue Model that calculates avoided costs or enhanced revenues via automating transactions, eliminating duplicate entry, etc. From this we'll see ability for salespeople to look up inventory…


About 5 years ago
Passed 400 ERP project involvement milestone this year
Passed 400 ERP project involvement milestone this year

About me

A veteran of 300+ Enterprise Software Selection and Implementation projects, Gene has helped local, national and international firms evaluate and deploy system improvements in ERP, CRM, WMS, Supply Chain and Business Intelligence software. Focusing on the elements common to successful implementations, his team retains complete independence with ties to no software brand or vendor.

Gene began in the early 90’s, developing demand management and CRM programs for biomanufacturing firms, a project that would lead to national prominence. Moving exclusively into software, postings with Epicor, Sage, and Navision led to National Practice Management for Manufacturing with Clifton Gunderson CPA. Recruited to handle process manufacturing clients for Ross Enterprise, he eventually became part of the global team at Lawson/Infor, a leading contributor of the Paris-based Food & Beverage division.

Over the past 25 years he’s worked on software improvements at global brands such as Jelly Belly, Tree Top, Medtronic, Uniden, Idahoan, Cheesecake Factory and hundreds of private label and regional food manufacturing and life sciences firms. Experienced in all types of businesses, he brings a depth of knowledge to FDA regulated manufacturers, having dealt extensively with audit-compliant and validated systems. Gene’s undergrad degree is from Stephen F Austin State University with an MBA from Arizona State University.


- Software Evaluation

- Software Implementations

- Business Process Reengineering

- Validation and Audit Prep

- Forecasting and Demand Planning

- Advanced Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

- Manufacturing Cost Accounting

- Budgeting and Forecasting

- Certifications from Epicor, Sage, Ross Enterprise, Microsoft DynamicsAX, Lawson.

- Experience with SAP, QlikView, MSNAV, MAS500 and others

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments