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6 months ago
The name bounces well with the offerings from the community. Hey! you got an unresolved IT issue, check out PeerSpot.
8 months ago
With the lockdown lifted, there has been a flurry of activities, by the "Good, Bad and Ugly". The baddies are busy, to scan every network, to find if there are any, out there who have left their backyards opened. Quite a few have, owing to shortcuts, deployed to provide…
Over 1 year ago
Most of my peers have consolidated the key points, and I wish not to delve on the same again. That said, I wish to re-state that the HCI market and most have solutions that are, there are very mature. The buzz words have taken a paradigm shift albeit. The "Scale-out"…
Almost 3 years ago
HCI solutions have matured over time. While the swing in the global market is a yoyo between VxRail and Nutanix, there are quiet a few new vendors who have brought Hardware Agnostic solutions to the market. Management, ease of implementation was the key yesterday. Of late, I…
Over 3 years ago
With the advent of HCI architectures, there has been a flurry of solution(s) available each with their own claims and architectures. While all of them follow a Scale-Out architecture , with the use of commodity servers , each have their own strengths and a simple comparison…
About 4 years ago
I'm happy for the user. There are choices that customer has for his/her HCI needs. If what I understand is correct, a Snapshot of meta data changes does not constitute a backup. A traditional backup and hence compliance to certain standards, requires the logical backup to be…

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