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About 3 years ago
ZAPTEST Free edition:
Over 4 years ago
Use ZAPTEST Free edition to automate any UI application on Mobile (iOS, Andr, BB, WinMo), Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix. There is an easy to learn Tutorial and user Forum. You can automate for Agile or Waterfall, auto-generate test documentation, and run same test…
Almost 7 years ago
Corey - you might want to ask your customer to try ZAP-fiX add-in ( for HP UFT. ZAP-fiX allows using UFT with dynamic and visual based object recognition. Absolutely agnostic to GUI APIs and automates ANY software app, as well supports Agile/CI…

About me

ZAPTEST [ZAP Technologies] has been developing and delivering market-leading solutions for more than 15 years as pioneers of the test automation industry. The company is an HP Business Partner and Apple development partner.

ZAPTEST is a software suite of test automation solutions for a cross-platform (MOBILE, Windows, Mac, and Unix) environment. ZAPTEST includes the following market-leading products:

ZAP-fiX is a software-only solution designed to extend a desktop tester's environment to test ALL Mobile, Windows, Mac, and UNIX platforms. ZAP-fiX is designed to extend all cross-platform test automation, manual testing, performance testing, and Agile testing processes. This product seamlessly integrates with HP Unified Functional Test (QuickTest Pro, Business Process Test), ALM and Quality Center Sprinter), Performance Center and LoadRunner, and APM built-in functionalities for Mobile and Cross-Platform testing to provide the most revolutionary, flexible, and adaptable testing solution on the market.

zapFARM is a software solution for the management of hosted mobile devices that can completely eliminate the time, complexity, and logistics of acquiring, maintaining, updating, and adding to your mobile device inventory as your application platforms change or expand

zapGEN is a performance testing software-only solution that offers end-users the flexibility of cross-platform testing for Mobile applications on real devices and emulators. zapGEN allows instant execution of functional tests using HP ALM and QTP with ZAP-fiX for load testing.