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Over 2 years ago
In my opinion DD have better compression/dedup and also good aggregated replication speed, however it lack all functionality which is provided SP! Also as a hardware based solution we struggle with scaling up DD ! Comparison is not entirely possible since these are…
Over 3 years ago
some explanation: 1. I would like to have new integration API to Azure cloud. 2. File-spaces in SP are today static You can't move them between nodes You can't slit them into two in the instance. 3. Better prices since new companies have 30-40 % cheaper alternatives…


Over 3 years ago
17 years in health care IT backup of
17 years in health care IT backup of big data in Energy company.

About me

My Goals
Open for new opportunities. Working in IT technical system architecture - management and / or team management combined with technical specialization and customer relations. Where I can use my open personality, my long experience in IT and organizations.

Good organizer, can work under pressure
eighteen years of experience as an IT manager-specialist
Ability to see all IT processes and identify customer needs
Easy to collaborate with, High social competence
Easy to accommodate me in new environments.

Last Employments
2010-2015 TSM service responsible and virtual team (L3) lead of 30 part time resources,
organizes operation groups for different types of techniques, arranges, organizes and empowers the technology skills. Supports client managers and server team leaders for disaster recovery work. Organizes support work for external customers. Customer relations for Folk tandvården, Locum and SLSO.
2015- Technical Specialist, Backup environment in world wide energy company, Statoil-Equinor.

Basic Educations:
-Stockholm University Master of Social Science 1989-1992
-Social Care, specialty -Social Education and teamwork management 1990-1992
-QiD system AB 2001-2002 System Consult, Network +
-Eikness Collage 1999-2000 Certified Network Engineer, MCSE, CNA, A+
----other IT courses and certifications
AIX 7 basic and Nim course --2014
AIX administrator v6 –2009
TSM 5.5 all courses 2007
Project leader course 2005
Windows 2003 server basics 2004
ITIL basics.
System management.
Teamwork international - "cooperative teams" "efficient team work"
Vision "the Union" -Leader training, negotiation techniques,
To lead the change of Work-team-Organisation (IHM Business School),

I am interested in "working environment" , Organizations, IT engineering, construction, chess, Science, literature and theater.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments