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Do a careful POC and make very very sure the solution does not corrupt data when you have a major storage issue like an array failure.

About me

Passion and drive to give customers the very best Data Storage, services and technology solution for their available dollar has always been my key driver. Using AI technology to create self-healing and self managing storage has long been the holy grail, and it is here today.
My new Company ioFABRIC is on the leading edge of the revolution in software defined storage, or more correctly Objective Defined Storage. We make storage simple, much less expensive than T1 vendors and invisible to the Data. We change the way you think about Luns, Raid, migrations and manual provisioning forever.

Sales experience learned and earned over 25+ years in the Australian market initially in end-user sales (Electronics and IT) and later in Channels has provided me with the opportunity to develop relationships that far out-lasted technology fads. My understanding of highly technical systems and solutions helps me to contribute in providing clients with valuable advice for their environment.

Specialties: IT technology consulting in Backup, DR, Replication, Data Storage, and tape systems.
Background: High technology & instrumentation, Electronic design systems, components design and manufacture.
Interests: Solar Energy and renewable energy systems.