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2 months ago
I think @Martin Mash ​gave the overall concerns and another good question was how much the business is willing to pay for the protection they want? What we found was using a dual protection solution. One solution was Veeam for Microsoft Hyper-V VMs and hardware on-premise…
7 months ago
After a car hit a power pole and knocked out the Data Center in our building, management realized the value of Zerto and being able to failover in about an hour to the DR site and be back up and running on our mission-critical applications.  This was very helpful as power…
7 months ago
@PeterJones Hi Peter, I saw your post about the data warehousing which inspired me to give my opinion and experience. Not sure where you are in Eastern Europe but I do have a goal to someday visit a friend in Romania that I met with Toastmasters. 
7 months ago
When looking at the cost of licensing SQL Server the most important thing is to not buy more than you need.  Whether you are in the cloud or on-premises you need to know if you can get by with the Standard Edition rather than the Enterprise Edition.  When evaluating we…
11 months ago
Contributed a review of SQL Server: East to set up, fairly cost-effective, and scales well
12 months ago
We use a combination of Veeam for Hyper-V Hosts and VMs and Zerto for VMware VMs. Everything is on-site except for Exchange which was moved to the cloud when we upgraded to M365 with a backup also in the cloud. For automation, both Zerto and Veeam work with minor help and…
About 1 year ago
The Healthcare industry seems to be the new target for hackers and ransomware.  With our DR plan in place, we were able to recover 80% of the files and 100% of the database data (by having a plan that had been based on best practices): most of the lost files were due to…
About 1 year ago
@Bret Mantey gives some excellent points but the biggest advantage when giving a presentation to management is the cost of being down. Your CFO should be able to give a cost per hour of lost revenue for downtime then the math is pretty simple to compare DRaaS to all the…
Over 1 year ago
While Veeam is a good Backup and Replication solution that we use for our Hyper-V VMs we also keep SQL Server backups as a separate solution. The backup is good for a DR and HA solution but for Ransomeware and Database corruption be sure to have a separate solution for…
Almost 2 years ago
While CDP is a good idea it does not protect if the database gets corrupted. This is the second purpose of the database backup scenario. The Grandfather, Father, Son, and off-site storage are the second level of protection against Ransomware too. My experience is that it…
Over 2 years ago

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