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12 months ago
I can't share investment costs, however, I can explain the different models for purchasing it. Plus, it is not as expensive as many think. :) There are 3 UFT products: - UFT One – test Web, mobile, GUI/UI and API – so 4 tools in 1 - UFT Developer - is a powerful,…
12 months ago
It has got to be ROI (Return on Investment). Most of the other answers have focused on features. Yes, it is important that it does the job you need, supports your applications, ease of use, widely used product, etc. Plus, these days it has built-in AI, to reduce script…
Over 1 year ago
Hi Subhash. Both tools can: UFT One - allows you to automate functional and regression testing for the widest range of applications and technologies can supports testing GUI, web, mobile or API applications. UFT Developer - is powerful and lightweight functional…