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It very easy to manage via webmanger gui it offers a global biew on what happen by host, pools, Create,delete , expand & reduce,migrate pools is very easy like kid game. waht i liked on it, its cababality to add external storages (another nas) and manage mdisk and pool…

About me

As System Administrator & DBA of data center, my skill is responsible for overseeing data center operations in charge of business-critical high availability systems, day to day i need to have a maximum of expansive knowledge about everything that occurs in the data center, including deployement, maintenance, operations, infrastructure design, monitoring, management and power consumption.

In terms of hardware infrastructure , I handle servers, storage arrays, network switches and backup robots, and I am either directly in charge of installation and support a team contractors with deployments. I troubleshoot and offer hands-on support to make sure the data center keeps a high uptime.

i have experience with data center infrastructure deployement, management, Unix/linix/windows systems and other software tools. And i am able to make deplyement very fast to make recommendations for equipments and procedure changes to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

My job is also to create and keep documentation and processes up to date so successful server and system deployments are repeatable.
My job also entails capacity planning to ensure that the facility meets current and expected power demand and cooling requirements of the IT equipment.

In my professional career :
I followed-up infrastructure deployment (hadware and software system OS & DB and backups) for production platforms and thiere desaster recovery

I have worked on equipment from different suppliers such as: Compaq, HP, Patthon, Cisco, Ascom, Complete, Digital, IBM, Fujitsu, Seimens, Lenovo, Hitachi, Quatum, Huawie.
for example:
SERVERS : Huawei,IBM Systemx 36xx, FUJITSU PRIMERGY RX, HP DL, HPCompaq Alpha True64, Dell power Edge;
SYSTEMS : SLES Entreprise Server 11 +HA , Unix true64, Redhat 5, Microsoft Windows Server 2000,2008, 2012;
DATABASE : Oracle 11G, Microsoft SqlServer;
Storage : IBM StoreWize, Huawei OveanStore, HP MSA & EVA, Hitachi AM 2xxx,
Network : Cisco 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, Patton, Pandatel