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The reporting on version 14 is very good.
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Blocking website content was becoming more difficult for NSSA, and more websites are now routing traffic through HTTPS. Blocking unwanted traffic especially social media sites during working hours on the network and optimizing internet access for employees was a key…

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An ICT Specialist tasked with a range of duties I possess vast experience working with business managers responsible for getting projects done on time and on budget. Managing the deployment, development, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and support of organisational IT systems. Providing expert advice and support when systems are being upgraded or installed, or when there are conversions or file maintenance.Overseeing the development and enhancement of systems and integrating new systems with those existing.Working with staff to develop plans and strategies so client services can be enhanced, user effectiveness improved and innovation encouraged.Liaising regularly with executive and senior management as well as systems users.Managing IT staff, with responsibility for hiring, evaluation, training, guidance, disciplinary procedures and dismissals.Developing standard operating procedures aligned to best practice, and ensuring written protocols and guidelines are provided for IT staff and all end-users.Keeping up-to-date with the most recent technologies and advising on what new technological solutions and their implementation will meet business and systems requirements.Negotiating with suppliers of hardware and software to get the best deal, including external support, and being responsible for contracting consultants and making service agreements.Creating a budget for each project as well as managing the financial aspects of the entire IT department such as purchases and ongoing budgeting.