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Almost 4 years ago
Look for vSAN Ready Nodes from CIsco or Dell and you will find it better! 
Almost 4 years ago
1. Support 2. Migration or Conversion process from existing solution 3. Cost  4. Hardware compatibility  5. Integration with all critical and non-critical solutions 6. Cloud readiness
About 4 years ago
There are multiple factors that you shall be looking at while selecting one over the other 1. Price- Price for HCI is cheaper if you are refreshing your complete infrastructure stack (Compute/Storage/network) however, if you are just buying individual components in the…
Almost 5 years ago
I hope you mean instead of running your workloads in AWS what if you run them on an HCI platform. The answer would be, it depends. If the workloads are less, you need fewer administrators, you need higher infra uptime with no extra efforts or if you do not care where your…
About 5 years ago
You should also consider a few basic details - What is the hypervisor that you are going to use? If it's VMware then both of them are good. AHV has limitations and I have seen my customers suffering as they grow. Do not use AHV, let them refine it more. - Do you want a…
Over 5 years ago
In case of Dell EMC nodes, the only difference is setting up vSAN by yourself or pay someone else to set it up for you. In VxRail, you get licenses which are OEM locked that means you can not use those licenses on any other hardware. In VMware vSAN ready nodes, you can pick…