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15 days ago
Layer 7 APIM suite is a good solution when you have to look at the drag-and-drop aspect of development.   With more than 1000 + help functions (assertion) it helps you protect your API with built-in OWASP policies and protect the monetization aspect of your APIs.  Every…
About 2 months ago
The basic idea for Microservices would be getting your service to do just one or a few functionalities to expedite the development and also ensure although the service is loosely coupled you still can relate the service to make a holistic app with many such microservice.The…
About 2 months ago
1. Capability to discover data from data source and categorize them automatically + having the capability to add or define your own categorization 2. Capability for classifying the data in your data source in Prod and allowing the extraction of the subset of data meeting…
About 2 months ago
Depending on your requirement you would want to select the right tool to achieve your requirement based on the suggestions below. 1. Data Discovery and Obfuscation with Classification you would need a tool that is capable of handling referential integrity ensuring that when…