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Almost 3 years ago
I would say the biggest difference is that ODI is a corporate class tool that can do anything no just in a matter of ETL but a process controls since you can have ODI managing your entire environment using java code to start processes, or calling web services and more. OIC…
Over 3 years ago
That depends. If you are issuing one command (like a MAXL command) the error will be the same error that you'll see in a DOS windows (not too helpful hehehe). But, you can use a extended version of "OS Execution" that allow you to write a .log and a .err file (The extension…
Over 3 years ago
Hi Gary how are you? I already used OWB and informatica. I would say that depends of the version you use! If you use ODI 11, it's different from everything else. It'ls more like a integration tool then a ETL tool because, out of the box, you will always have multiple…
About 5 years ago
Feel free to ask about anything related with ODI as architecture, possible uses, ideas.... and also tell stories of success or failure using the tool! We can even discuss why it failure and if there're anything different that could change the situation!!
About 5 years ago
Hi Moses how are you? I usually try to avoid XML as much as I can since XML is always a problem... The only case I end up using XML is when need to extracting metadata from huge essbase outlines (more than 500k members). Even so is a problematic operation since you need to…
Over 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud: The Smart View Administrator add-in allows me to load metadata.
About 6 years ago
Hi how are you? I think the main difference between the older versions and the 12c is the GUI. Maybe for a new user the 12c is more friendly, but for me that works with odi since 10g, everything in the 12c takes 2 to 3 times more then in the older version. The 12c…
Over 6 years ago
Contributed a review of Oracle OBIEE: It's easy to manipulate and to create new dashboards.


Over 6 years ago
EPM Projects
EPM environment redesign. All global application were redesigned for max performance and better usability.
Over 5 years ago
The project consisted of gathering Sales, PNL and WorkForce data from four different ERPs. The data is provided in three different types of data source: SQL Server, Oracle Database and file system. The file system data comes from cash register tickets, which means that all…

About me

Ricardo has been leading and developing EIS/EPM/BI/DSS applications for over 20 years including 10+ years of Hyperion-specific experience (the last 9 years in global projects to a fortune 100 client).
His core expertise is on design, development, and optimization of Business Intelligence systems using ODI to integrate, tuning and managing the entire environment, bringing the best of each EPM tools. He is certified in several EPM tools and is recognized for his expertise throughout the industry. In addition, he has personally executed several optimizations for his EPM clients: reducing the Hyperion cycle time in 95%. He has been involved in over 50 EPM/BI projects including big and complex implementation using multiple technologies like Planning, Essbase, ODI, OBIEE, PBCS, BICS and OWB.

Specialties: First Oracle ACE in BI track in Brazil, EPM/BI Trainer, regular EPM/BI instructor at Hyperion’s user conferences since 2013 on topics including optimization, integration, best practices, as well as several unclear technical topics. Strong technical background complimented by comprehensive practical knowledge of financial and accounting applications. Highly experienced in all phases of development including ETL, interface design, data analysis, data modeling, optimization, training, and project management in huge and complex environments (18 billion rows per month).

Known for develop innovative end-to-end solution because his deeply knowledge of all Oracle EPM/BI tools.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments

Over 6 years ago