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Over 2 years ago
Each of the below points are valid. It should be ensured that complete functional/technical/commercial details should be obtained at the time of the evaluation. The main concern is licensing fees which need to be paid every year. i.e. your outgoing is fixed irrespective of…
Over 2 years ago
Based on our understanding It may cost approximately around a hundred thousand dollars PA ( MRP ) for say 3 control room licenses ( Test/ Dev/Prod ) /10 Bot creator licenses and 5 bot runners licenses. However, the overall cost may depend on how many control rooms, Bot…
Over 3 years ago
1. It's important to understand the architecture of the RPA 2. It's critical to evaluate its suitability with respect to the operational or business processes of your organization. 3. It's important to have visibility of implementation beyond POC use cases. 4. It's…