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3PAR is SAS-based storage. The industry is already moving away from the 35-year-old SCSI-way, so it's not a good idea to buy any product with it.  I'm not sure about Hitachi, but as far as I know, they also have SAS backend, so, the obvious answer to the question "Which…
Over 3 years ago
First, we should define what we mean by SAN and NAS. The most common and general definition is: SAN is a stack of block access protocols and hardware, and NAS is file-level protocols. So, the choice depends on the task at hand. In my opinion, NAS is easier to manage and…
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SnapShot functionality itself is not licensed separately, so we can say that the cost is $0, or it's just included in the base price. You need a separate license (or license bundle) if you want additional functionality, for example, FlexClone (which is a read-write…
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Contributed a review of Cisco MDS Series: Good reliability, integration, and support
Almost 4 years ago
In general, all-flash arrays have much better price/performance (in case if turning on DECO is not slowing down the array - some vendors have this issue, so PoC is needed) than hdd-only or hybrid arrays. Higher performance, lower power consumption per TB. The support cost…
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