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I'd say that everything depends on your detailed requirements. I can tell that I know many customers who selected One Identity because it was ideal for their needs. Here is what they valued most: 1. Ease of deployment. After several months of piloting competitive solutions,…
Almost 2 years ago
What answer will you give for such question: 'what is the best car?' Is it 'Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin' or "BMW, Mercedes, Audi' or 'Jeep, Toyota, Mitsubishi'? Give us more info and we will be able to give better advice. I'd say that if session management is important…
Over 2 years ago
1. UEBA is to wide area to describe in several words. And UEBA algorithms are working in different areas of Cyber Security. Most obvious directions where it can be useful and vendors are embedding it to the products are: * Network security * Data Loss…


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