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2 days ago
Janet put together a well thought out answer. From my (limited) experience, what she said, I agree
2 days ago
Are you still looking for a solution. I would reach out to martyn@nymbl.app
2 days ago
Don't do Airtable, too many limitations. Caspio also has issues. Reach out to martyn@nymbl.app - they can help you. Personally I use them (Nymbl) with Zudy Vinyl. 
3 days ago
It depends on how large you think the application will become and what complexity you want to build into the system.  I, personally use nymbl.app to build out my platform. 
8 months ago
First thing that matters is your current and future needs. There were lots of systems I looked into that would have different issues when I looked into scaling out. Sometimes it was number of records, other times it was speed, and other times it was lack of flexibility…