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About 1 year ago
Contributed a review of Selenium HQ: Great for working on multiple browsers and platforms
About 1 year ago
There are plenty of testing tools. Open-source: the standout one is Selenium if you are looking to automate web applications. Commercial: There are many,                            Ease to use and learn, NLS Testing: AscentialTest.                           Multiple…
Over 1 year ago
Dear Richard, We have recently worked on embedded systems with MFC controls, C, C++, ... Net and Web technologies through AscentialTest, the next generation test automation tool developed by Zeenyx Inc.  One of the features which would be interesting is the same framework…
Over 3 years ago
Dynamic handling is very good with AscentialTest and SilkTest. Following are the things to be followed: a. Type of application you are looking on, does the tool support it? b. Dynamic data needs to be handled at runtime. c. AscentialTest and SilkTest have a built-in…
Over 3 years ago
Contributed a review of Zeenyx AscentialTest: Enables us to have a single test run across multiple sets of data
Almost 4 years ago
AscentialTest has come up with image recognition to identify objects which has helped the organization to find the smallest unrecognized icons in the application. It has brought an unique way to identify custom control. Note: needs similar resolution on all machines.
Over 4 years ago
Now with the latest version of AscentialTest 9.2.2 , Features like advanced image compare, render image , active x control recognition on IE makes it possible to identify most of the custom control objects, works really well IE embedded windows and .NET applications. This…
About 5 years ago
Excellent support for MFC Applications with Standard and Custom Controls.
Over 5 years ago
Yes AscentialTest do not have a debugging feature but it has a simulator where one can test the stage at which the failure has occurred. Agreed on limited classes but are effective with Record datatype.
Almost 6 years ago
Yes the product is a complete solution for automation testing with its inbuilt test, data management and Reporting. With Test set feature, regression testing has been made very easy with reduced execution time.
Almost 6 years ago
Yes App object repository creation is simple and robust with multiple options to identify it uniquely. Migration of SilkTest Code to AscentialTest Code was achieved with quality. We have done it successfully together for a massive project of around 2300 testcases.
Almost 6 years ago
Contributed a review of Zeenyx AscentialTest: You can build tests using drag and drop. AUT is not required.
Almost 6 years ago
AscentialTest product helps all organization looking to transform its Manual/Domain testers to automation testers with ease because of its drag and drop feature.


Almost 6 years ago
Architected a massive project to Migrate from SilkTest To AscentialTest
Architected a massive project to migrate from SilkTest Classic code to AscentialTest zee code. A Retail Industry application on Order Management System was previously developed in Silktest classic which had around 2300 testcases with 22 modules and 22 different projects was…

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