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10 months ago
Hi, When having the appropriate competencies, I believe we need to start with the process which is causing the biggest problems in the company, which take much time and resources.  Let's take an example of an insurance company: Claim Request can be a good use case.…
About 1 year ago
Yes indeed. There is a high demande for workflow automation, in order to boost productivity. Also, you will get a good ROI.
About 1 year ago
Hi @Nancy_Sachdeva,  I've been using both technologies. In my opinion, they are complementary. Why?  In your way to automate a workflow, there are some standard tasks that don't really need a human brain so you integrate with RPA and let the bot do the job. In this case,…
About 1 year ago
Hi!  Open-source - I don't recommend going for open-source for this kind of solutions because when you ask for support it costs licensing.  Better go with the licensing product, even though I tried Bonita software, it's good as an open-source.  Otherwise, I recommend…
Over 1 year ago
Contributed a review of Nintex Workflow: Feature rich, affordable, and responsive technical support



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