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Almost 3 years ago
Almost 3 years ago
A must have tool in any analytics tech stack.


Almost 3 years ago
Deployed Salesforce and Pardot for a top 500
Deployed Salesforce and Pardot for a top 500 IT firm.
Almost 3 years ago
301 Redirecting Multiple Sites Into One
I redirected two domains ( and into with the assistance of Netrepid's Support Manager - Keith Hobba, a former PA Online employee - and Netrepid's Project Manager - Taylor Mercedes, a former Lion Tech employee. Netrepid formally closed…



About me

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Jonathan Bentz leads vital SEO projects.

Jonathan’s journey as a thought leader in SEO began back in his West Virginia University days, where he received a degree in journalism. Following a decade of experience running digital marketing campaigns in agency settings and competitive industries like hospitality and cloud technology, Jonathan signed on with DOM to significantly contribute to its growing SEO client services.

Immediately after his arrival, he integrated corporate branding and voice with SEO. Jonathan’s SEO approach isn’t near-sighted or trapped in any trendy bubbles. It’s an all-encompassing strategy devised to bolster each brand with natural web authority.

Over the years, Google has evolved into an artificial intelligence-driven trust machine. If your site isn’t building brand trust with Google, it’s probably dying.

Jonathan believes strongly in technical analysis, but not needlessly complicated site renovations. You’ve built a fantastic product or service; our team’s job is to ensure that your site’s SEO technical attributes are on point.

An SEO campaign isn’t about traffic volume; it’s about traffic volume that creates revenue. For Jonathan, this means sophisticated site analysis that extracts data and metrics about backlinks, competition, and revenue-oriented keywords. Through a discerning look at these factors, Jonathan and his team can forge a sensible way forward for the brand.

Jonathan’s expert SEO analysis has been published in prominent publications such as, Ecommerce Times, and CIO Online.

In his free time, Bentz volunteers on the marketing committee for the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on the leadership team at his church. He is committed to creating new economic opportunities for underserved communities and uplifting those areas for children and future generations. He also enjoys spending time with his young children and family.

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