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7 months ago
"Marketing Software" is a very generalized term.   If you're talking about the basics, like something to manage Google Shopping, both Shopify and BigCommerce both have basic marketing built into their platforms. Same with Facebook.   Both platforms also offer apps that…
7 months ago
My favorite thing about Shopify is that you can launch a store within a few hours, complete with payment processing.

About me

I started my own eCommerce pet supply retail company, www.theferretstore.com in 1994 with Co-Founder Scott Sanfilippo. By the year 2000, we were already one of the leading pet supply distributors in the USA. I left TheFerretStore.com to start-up Solid Cactus, a web development/small business incubator company in 2001.

As Solid Cactus grew, Scott Sanfilippo left TheFerretStore in 2004 to help head up Solid Cactus with me. Solid Cactus helps small companies grow their business, and we help large companies stay ahead of their competition. Some of our clients include Lance Armstrong, Kennedy Space Center, Adidas and many others. We both sold The Ferret Store to Doctor Foster’s and Smith in 2006. In 2009, we both sold Solid Cactus to the Web.com Group, and I continued to run Solid Cactus as the GM, and VP of Web.com E Commerce until July 2011.

I now work with Your Store Wizards helping merchants from all over the world select the proper E Commerce platform for their company.