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5 months ago
From a business perspective, it is recommended to extract data from the source system only once. In large organisations, there may be several fields in various tables which will not be required for reporting immediately. So while all data is extracted from the source system…
Over 1 year ago
I have not worked on FM Pro DB. For a company with less than 1000 employees, MS SQL Server will work fine as a DB. We had used Visual Basic as well as SAP BW as front ends with MS SQL Server and it worked fine. MS SQL Server later versions 2016, as well as 2019, have several…
Almost 2 years ago
I have used IBM's DB2 Database on-premise. IBM also has DB2 on Cloud. DB2 does have replication tools. We have used MIMIX. It is also a relational database. It supports SQL, stored procedures and Command language (CL). It also supports High Availability environment. I…
Over 3 years ago
SAP HANA runs queries "In Memory". Results of a query on large data volumes will appear lighting quick as a result. SQL Server is not an "In Memory" database. It is better suited while accessing smaller data volumes.
Over 3 years ago
In my organization, we broadly have three major vendors. Viz. SAP, Microsoft, and IBM. At the time we purchased SAP, the business function which was going in for SAP ERP adopted SAP's tool for Business Intelligence. Similarly, the users who were using Microsoft software…
Over 3 years ago
You can look at Sap Analytics Cloud solution. They will be able to generate dashboards as well as have access to the predictive analytic capabilities. They will be able to build Hana analytic views to access data directly from Hana. They can also export the data from Hana…
Almost 4 years ago
I am not using Oracle database to comment on it. IBM DB2 is an excellent database which is very reliable.
Almost 5 years ago
Hi,  Key aspects to look out for are:- 1. Can the ERP be adopted in your organization with minimal customization ?  Evaluate key processes in Sales and Distribution, Materials Management,  Financial Accounting and Controlling and Human Resources.  2. Evaluate Costs vs…
Over 6 years ago
Helpful because the user shared his experience with the product.
Over 7 years ago
A business will typically feel the need to invest in a business warehouse solution when there are many standalone systems for various modules viz. Financial accounting, Purchase Ordering, Materials Management, Purchase, Sales, HR, etc. and there is a need to generate…

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