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Any of the major BI platforms will do what you want. My honest opinion is to look at your company’s vendors and pick one that has served you well in the past. I have used Business Objects, Cognos, MS and Meta-Strategy in the past and they all have lots of unused capability…
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Hi: If you are talking about Oracle and IBM DB2 Databases sitting on Windows or Linux I would say there is very little to no difference in usability or maintainability between them. If you are talking IBM DB2 sitting on Zos vs Oracle, that is a different story and I…
About 4 years ago
Answered a question: Microsoft sql2017 VS SAP Hana
The databases are completely different and I mean completely different. Hana is an in-memory, columnar database that can mimic a row store in some cases. SQL Server is anything from a classic relational DB to a distributed parallel warehouse, PDW. If you are…


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