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The question is somewhat confusing/surprising because these 2 db's are not really in the same league 1) Are you really looking at sql 2005 or is it is mistype, because 2005 is so old that the question does not make sense. 2) Only sql 2012 is columnar, not 2005 or 2008.…

About me

15+ years financial line management experience, management accounting and financial management
15+ years SAP experience, team lead, functional specialist, abap developer, security and authorisations and BI
15+ years blue chip corporate experience
5+ years project management experience
Preparing for SAP HANA certification

Excellent overall understanding of business processes across a large number of industries.
Significant experience in Finance, Production and Manufacturing, Logistics and Marketing

Leadership style: Specialising in Transformational leadership to make projects succeed.

Area of significant interest: In-memory processing of big-data to deliver superior decision support to executive management

I am keeping up to date with contemporary management styles and technologies via on-line courses and certifications.
During Q4/2012 I have done on-line refresher courses in:
1) Project management
2) Excel 2010 (to update my knowledge on all the new features)
3) MSAccess 2010 (to update my knowledge on all the new features)
4) Programming/Web programming: PHP, SQL and Python