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About 8 years ago
My apologies, but the question is not clear to me. There are over a dozen PaaS software vendors and cloud providers that have offerings in this space. Is the question to compare them all, or a subset? The real answer in any case would be quite lengthy. Docker is the latest…
About 8 years ago
I have been involved in cloud computing for many years. The question is specific to AWS and Microsoft Azure AND IaaS. Many people interpret IaaS as merely providing virtual machines but the reality of IaaS is much broader than that. Networking, Storage, Service Bus, CDN, etc…


Over 8 years ago
Cloud-on-your-desk Computing Project
Created CriKit - Desktop Private Cloud http://www.crikit.infoThe intersection of Moore’s Law and Cloud software has just occurred and the result is a very green Desktop Private Cloud solution. Called “CriKit” for Cloud Resource and Infrastructure Kit, it includes compute…

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