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You should check out the Google Cloud Platform App engine or container engine. It is the best PaaS service at the lowest overall cost because they charge based on the usage model, can be up to 50% lest costly than Microsoft Azure or AWS. There are several CRM platforms…

About me

Mr. Floyd has proven leadership with a successful track record at the executive and management levels of a variety of Internet based and commercial software based companies, both public and private. He has a successful progression of positions with increasing levels of leadership and responsibility including:

• Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
• Vice-President of Products and Operations,
• Vice-President of Product Development/Technology,
• Program Director and Project Leader,
• Principal Consultant,
• Principal System Architect,
• Lead Software Developer.

He has been a leader of a variety of software product management and product development teams, both large (>150) and small (<10), through all phases of Internet and software product management, product development, quality assurance, program and release management and system deployment. This experience has also included the leadership of Information Technology infrastructure and operations teams responsible for enterprise IT System operations, development, and enterprise deployment using accepted IT methodologies (ITIL) achieving SAS70 Type II and PCI Audit Certification.

Mr. Floyd has demonstrated expert knowledge in the development and implementation of industry accepted methodologies for large-scale software product management, program management, product development and product deployment based on the Agile Unified Process. He has extensive experience in the field of multi-tier Internet e-commerce and web based products, and windows and Linux/Unix based products using object-oriented analysis, design and implementation.

Mr. Floyd has developed corporate standards for IT and software development processes and the application of object-oriented analysis and design methodologies (UML/RUP/XP/Agile) and middle-ware and object-oriented development tools (VS 2005/8 & C#/.NET/Java/J2EE/SOAP/XML/C++).

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments