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Is developer/contributor base is strong or not.

About me

Around 5.4 Years of experience in industry.
Worked on world one of the largest biometric hadoop/HBase cluster for managing Indian resident biometric and demographic data.
Having knowledge and experience in administering large Hadoop clusters with Strong Linux administration experience.
Experience in identifying & troubleshooting Hadoop & related ecosystem.
Performance optimization: MapReduce, pig, hive, HBase APIs etc.
Strong experience in distributed monitoring, alerting and performance management tools (Ganglia and Nagios)
Well versed with installing & managing Cloudera distribution of Hadoop (CDH, Cloudera manager, Hortonworks, Apache)
Configuring Cloudera/apache Hadoop cluster from ground up.
Node configuration, connectivity, capacity, compute architecture, name node/datanode/job tracker deployment
Commissioning and decommissioning of Hadoop nodes.
Automations: Developing shell scripts for Data migration across clusters, Data availability through Hive partitioning, Streaming jobs for converting text files to sequence files and attaching metadata.
End-to-end performance tuning of Hadoop clusters and Hadoop Map/Reduce routines for large data sets.
Extensive experience of HBase API, Filter, Scan, Hive JDBC and Cluster Configuration.
Also worked on Design, Development of Microsoft SharePoint Server, Client/Server, Windows Application and Web Applications using VB.Net, C #. Net
Having knowledge on Mobile technologies