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The stability of the tool is paramount. If the advertised features don't consistently work and cause frustration then the tool will never be adopted. You would want to make sure they have competent and accessible customer support as well.

About me

I have specialized in software testing and software test automation for nearly two decades. My many years in this field have afforded me the opportunity to witness the evolution of software test automation. I've watched the gradual shift of forward thinking executive leadership towards achieving greater ROI through automation. Having evolved with this technology, I've been fortunate enough to use (and help shape) some of the industry leading tools in automation since 1997. Throughout my career I have sought out progressively challenging roles. I have served as a trainer & mentor, developing & delivering entire courses on complex concepts & tools such as QTP/UFT, QC/ALM, LoadRunner/Performance Center & Worksoft Certify to name a few. I believe that there is no single automation solution for everyone. A framework needs to be carefully thought out and implemented to support the automation initiative of the company. I possess a deep understanding of software development and how to integrate automation into the process. I have been directly involved in countless test efforts in all phases of testing including: functional, exploratory, configuration, data variation, integration, load, stress, regression & user acceptance testing. I have actively participated in and planned all areas of the test process on large and small projects in both waterfall and agile environments. I have been both a team member, team leader & a manager. My technical expertise includes both client-server and web-based testing with a particular concentration on functional and performance testing of ERP applications such as SAP. I also have extensive experience testing and working with databases and web services. I’m particularly skilled at integrating other tools and applications with HP QC (ALM) using their open test architecture and web services to implement workflow and ensure compliance to processes and standards.