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Firstly check if it is ANSI SQL compliant so that we can get standard SQL developers from resourcing perspective. Next if it is intended for production and time critical application then timely support for any issues is very important. If there are companies who provideā€¦
Over 5 years ago
The schema level backup is still a question and I am not sure if it works as expected with the latest patch delivered.

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Expertise in designing & developing solutions in Greenplum which is a distributed and massively parallel processing (MPP) database engine.
Expertise in performance tuning Greenplum design for extracting best performance leveraging MPP capabilities.
Expertise in data modelling (Conceptual, Logical & Physical). Experience in designing Star and Snowflake schema for a data warehouse application.
Experience in designing logical and physical data models for a new application in ASE Sybase 15.5.
Specialized in performance tuning ASE Sybase stored procedures and processes for better performance on versions 12.5 and 15.x.

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